Cortana Wedding Dresses - Mediterranean Styles in Berlin

Cortana was one of the 1st bridal designers that I had to bring to Berlin.  Handcrafted in Barcelona their bridal dresses are like no other.  I absolutely adore the simplicity of their designs.  The fabrics used within Cortana’s collection (muslin, silk satin, organza, silk lace) are the highest quality and when carefully hand worked, they create elegant silhouettes that combine modern trends with classic silhouettes for a timeless aesthetic.  Their collection is super dreamy, and perfect for brides going for a relaxed, almost ethereal look and who doesn't want any embellishments on their wedding dress.  

I went to see their collection at the Barcelona Market in 2017 to handpick the dresses for my store.  It was so fun to see their collection in person and touch and feel their amazing fabrics.     Below are a few photos of some of their wedding dresses that they presented at the market.   Stayed tuned for more Cortana updates at Zo & Willow, they usually introduce new dresses every year and its a little irresistible to not want to bring the whole collection to Berlin!