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Oui The Label 

Oui the label is a contemporary bridal brand who doesn't play by the traditional rules of bridal fashion. Channelling do-it-your-way style icons such as Bianca Jagger, Keira Knightley, and Olivia Palermo, the label seeks to answer the cry of modern brides for a uniquely un-wedding wedding outfit. 

Each season, Oui the label presents short stories through a small collection of carefully curated, interchangeable wedding skirts and tops that are easy to wear and stays true to their modern luxe aesthetic. Their collection is perfect for the woman that is looking to wear a two piece on their wedding day or something a little relaxed but still incredibly chic. 

Whilst unmistakably fashion forward, each piece from the Oui collection exudes timeless elegance. A decision you will not soon regret in years to come. The label showcases premium quality fabrics and materials with attention to detail in workmanship.

Designed in Melbourne

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Price Range € 1,650 - € 2,100