Odylyne The Ceremony is beauty, art & spirituality.

With an ethereal and free-spirited approach to bridal, each of the dresses embody the deep emotion, sensibility and beauty of the life and art. Our collections tie in the feelings of the traditional foundations of marriage to the exotic and unfamiliar, while harnessing the power of the imagination to envision and to escape. The ethereal element is ever present in each style with a twist of romance and deep appreciation of all the delicate moments of the ceremony.  

Designed by Stephanie White, the ceremony is curated for the bride that understands that the standards are meant to be pushed, and the limits should feel endless. Nothing is more spiritual than the day you stand before everyone and say ‘I do.’.We want to share in that part of your world and bring out the ethereal moments that exist. In our ethereal sphere there lies no reasoning, no typicality, no explanations, no realism, no comparisons, nothing ordinary, and no normalcy. Our mission is to help you leave all of those things behind.

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Price range € 3,000 - € 3,500